HE4RTBROKEN is a Belgian collective bringing unapologetically emotional music into the club. Not shying away from the melodramatic undertone of its name (inherited from the iconic Jodie and T2 song), HE4RTBROKEN aims at offering a safe haven to the lone souls who long for a dance floor to cry on.

Started in 2015 and taking place mostly in Brussels, occasionally in Paris, London Berlin and Shanghai, the events series have been exploring the full range of cathartic music listening, from all-night dj functions, ambient concerts and sad-songs-only karaokes to audiovisual live shows held in institutions like Bozar, Brussels or ICA, London. Around the collective’s core members and resident djs Liyo, Steff, Munix and ssaliva, the nights have gathered over the years a community of like minded djs and producers, among which Malibu, SKY H1, Why Be, Asmara, Mobilegirl, Palmistry, Oli XL, Toxe, DJ Python, Detente and Oklou to name a few. Since 2020, the collective also hosts a monthly show on NTS Radio.