HE4RTBROKEN is a Belgian collective bringing unapologetically emotional music into the club. Not shying away from the melodramatic tone of its name, HE4RTBROKEN aims at offering a safe haven to the lone souls longing for a dance floor to cry on, and focuses on feelings and reinvention rather than on any defined music genre.

Started in 2015 and taking place mostly in Brussels, occasionally in Paris, London, Berlin and Shanghai, the events have been exploring the full range of cathartic music listening, with headliners such as Total Freedom, Laurel Halo, Oklou, Asmara, Tzusing, Why Be, Malibu, SKY H1, Lafawndah, Klein, Oli XL, Toxe, Mechatok, Palmistry, Ana Caprix, Estoc, Triad God, Miss Carrie Stacks, Physical Therapy, Rui Ho, Mobilegirl, Jasmine Infiniti, John T. Gast, Lolina, James K, Vegyn, Dj Python, Dinamarca... to name a few. Since 2020, the collective also holds a monthly residency on NTS Radio, hosted by its founding members and resident djs Liyo, Steff, Munix and ssaliva.