Somos - dir. Laura Krsmanovic & Lydie Nesvadba

(Short film / visual podcast - 2021) 22 minutes

SOMOS gives voice to 13 youngsters aged nine to twenty-seven who are deconstructing standards and affirming their identities. They are trans, non-binary, or gender creative and are speaking up in order to share their experiences and feelings about their identity. Their sharp and honest words are hard-hitting. SOMOS extends an invitation to listen to voices that are too often silenced, and to realise how beautiful becoming oneself can be. By creating a space of trust and listening, Laura Krsmanovic and Lydie Nesvadba were able to accompany the participants in the process of creating a film that is radiant, authentic, and full of life.

* Roma Short Film Festival, Italy (Best LGBT Film Award) (2021)
* New Wave Short Film Festival Munich, Germany (Best Human Rights Award) (2021)

* Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Japan (2021)
* Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, France (2021)

* Berlin Short Film Festival, Germany (Best LGBT Film Award) (2022)
* Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, Israel (2022)
* Biennale Nova_XX, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris (2022)
* Court mais trash, Brussels, Belgium (2022)