Tail End of the Year - dir. Chieh Yang

(Short fiction film - 2017) 23 minutes

On Chinese New Year Eve, ten-year old Yang Lan anxiously waits for her singer mother to come home. While the big family is celebrating loudly with Mahjong, fireworks, dinner and laughs, she struggles to reconcile her urge to feel, at least for a brief moment, loved.

* Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
* Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan
* New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, U.S. (Bronze World Medal for Short Films)
* Short Shorts Film Festival Tokyo, Japan 
* Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, U.S.
* Huesca International Film Festival, Spain
* Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, Hong Kong
* Busan International Kids and Youth Film Fest, South Korea
* Porto Femme International Film Festival, Portugal
* Sapporo International Short Fest and Market, Japan
* San Diego Asian Film Festival, U.S.